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Festival delle Sagre

September 8, 2013 in Asti

Asti is celebrating its wine: for 39 years every second Sunday of September, under the sign of the great wine competition Douja d’Or which is held on the same days, the city hosts the Festival of Festivals, a great day of celebration that has been called “the truest representation of peasant life. “

More than 40 pro-loco of the province of Asti present their specialties, accompanied by DOC wines from Asti, in the open-air restaurant with its characteristic glasses tavern.

First, however, we are witnessing the colorful procession that winds through the streets of the city, animated by more than three thousand people in authentic period costumes, tractors, tools of the trade, which represent the values ​​and traditions of this land.


Palio di Asti

September 15, 2013 in Asti –

As every year, here comes the appointment with the famous Palio di Asti: the race and everything that surrounds it will take shape this year on Sunday 15 September.

The element that most fascinates many visitors who attend the Palio is the parade of more than twelve hundred people in medieval costumes.

The accuracy of historical re-enactments reviewed by a committee of experts, the quality of the costumes and the skill of the tailors in the village faithfully reproduce the styles of clothes taking them with frescoes and paintings make the parade a truly unique show.

The tableaux vivants that make up the parade represent actual events of history of Asti: you will therefore remove nobles and commoners, soldiers and higher clergy, knights and ladies who will one day return to live in the city telling the daily lives of more than seven centuries.

Incisa 1514

July 13, 2013 at Incisa Scapaccino (Asti)

Incisa Scapaccino, in the province of Asti, goes back to the Renaissance: the new edition of “Incisa 1514,” the historical reconstruction of the battle between the Marquis Oddone d’Incisa and William IX Marquis of Monferrato.

The streets are full of commoners, the guards of the village take the oath to the flag and stand guard at the gate of Valcalzara and San Giovanni.

The Carmelite friars ask for offers for the districts. Swordplay and skirmishes for streets and squares, parade and exhibition of flag bearers in honor of the Marquis of Incisa in the streets of the village, theater and street entertainment for children and then again assaults on the village and the process.