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Fiera del Carnevale di Venezia 2014

Event within the event is repeated in Venice the great event with the Fair Carnival: an event that combines the charm of the Venetian event even more famous shopping and entertainment.
The Exhibition of the Venice Carnival is presented as an event mask fun and original, which will be in the Grand Theatre in Piazza San Marco a point of interest for the general public.
Stages will be reserved for those who want exclusive access to the Grand Theatre, seating privileged to admire the performances and also around the festival, including parades of floats, games and competitions dedicated to the best carnival masks.


Kaulonia Tarantella Festival

27 to 31 August, 2013 in Caulonia (Reggio Calabria)


The Kaulonia Tarantella Festival 2013 will take place August 27 to 31 in the picturesque scenery of Piazza Month, in the heart of the old town of Caulonia (RC). More than a festival, the Kaulonia Tarantella is a real phenomenon and popular culture can catalyze, during the last week of August, tens of thousands of people by putting the spotlight on Caulonia, a small town of Locri, located in the Ionian the province of Reggio Calabria.

Among the artists who will participate in the XXV edition of the Kaulonia Tarantella Festival have been announced: on August 27, the opening day of the festival, will be staged the Sud Sound System, for the first time to Kaulonia Tarantella Festival, August 28th will be the time of Eugene Jackson, authentic dean of the festival, which this time will perform a unique and unrepeatable event alongside a Raiz (voice Almamegretta) and Pietra Montecorvino, August 29 will be Ambrogio Sparagna and his Orchestra Popolare Italiana to perform in Caulonia.

August 29 will be the date also of the highly anticipated and acclaimed concert of Agricantus, one of the world most popular Italian band in the world, returning to perform with after a stop lasted 7 years.

On August 30th will be one of the days cornerstone of the entire 2013 edition, the evening of “Caulonia meets the World” with the presence on stage of Piazza Mese  of the Orchesta Mediterranea of Jamal Ouassini, a prestigious ensemble that sees inside musicians and representatives of various folk cultures of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Spain, Greece, Lebanon) which will be counterbalanced by the exhibition of James Senese and Napoli Centrale, a band that in the contamination between different musical languages ​​has always made its greatest strength, and finally, the closing date of 31 August there is the strange encounter between the big band of world music Calabrian “Mimmo Cavallaro & Cosimo Papandrea Taranproject” and the divine voice of Antonella Ruggiero, in an unprecedented blend of Pop and Tarantella Calabrese.

Opening the evening all the energy of the Drums of South, young band that embraces some of the most talented percussionists and drummers of Calabria and Sicily.

Festival Mozart Rovereto

From 17 to 25 August 2013 in Rovereto (Trento)
Rovereto, in Trento province, is home to 17 to 25 August, the new edition of the Mozart Festival, the largest event dedicated to the Austrian genius.
The twenty-sixth edition of the Mozart Festival will explore some aspects of Mozart’s vocal style and at the same time, as has become customary in recent editions, take advantage of the red wire to propose listening experiences and reflections around, behind, above, below, Mozart, or perhaps even without Mozart.
Mozart was a great connoisseur of the voice inside his catalog the theme can be declined in many ways: the voice of the queen musical theater and voice in family size and intimate atmosphere of the Lied and many other ways to use the voice.

International Festival of the Lake Endine

August 7-11, 2013 in Spinone al Lago (Bergamo) –

Spinone al Lago, in the province of Bergamo, hosts the International Festival of Lake Endine, from 7 to 11 August.

Organizator “Night Under the Stars” was born in 2004 from an idea by Simone Scaburri, the current general manager and artistic director of the event. Thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Spinone al Lago and dozens of volunteers of this little pearl of Bergamo, the event has grown dramatically, both in terms of quality and approval of the public,

In 2010, the festival gets a funding under the regional competition aimed at enhancing the integration between European countries; testimony, the latter, the international value reached by the project.


Also in 2010, the festival has been included among the great events of the Province of Bergamo, on a par with events like “Bergamo Scienza” and “Bergamo Jazz”.


August 2 and 3, 2013 in Verona

Concerts, dances, parades, fireworks, music, dragons, giants and musicians, historical or legendary, will be the elements that represent every nuance of Catalan culture and folklore during the international Aplec 2 and 3 August.

Once again the magic atmosphere of Verona will hit tourists and spectators with unique and unforgettable events that will make them tirelessly spectacular and theatrical. All thanks to the combination of culture and tradition in Catalonia.

This will give people in Verona emotion and amazement with gegants, giant masked, the castellers, huge human towers that will get the party started in Piazza Erbe, with dracs (dragons) which together with the fanfare and improvised music parade through the streets of the city .

All together, the 3rd of August, will close the festival with their mouths and fiery dragons Catalan enrich lights and colors the sky above Verona, transforming itself into a participatory atmosphere.