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Festival of Street Artists

August 25, 2013 in Calghera (Pavia)

At the village of Upper Calghera in Valverde (PV) will be held the usual Festival of Street Artists, now in its eighth year. After a break of one year, the Festival, which will appeal to adults and children, back to being an opportunity to rediscover the ancient art of street theater and puppet, as a form of expression of the Italian popular theater.

As every year, the day of the Festival, several internationally renowned artists who have won awards at major festivals in the sector will perform. Viewers can follow the different types of “road show”, lasting about an hour each, alternating and repeated in different squares of the village of Calghera.

All this will be accompanied by itinerant artists in surprise raids. The closing show will be held in Piazza Millefiori at 20:45.


Il Grappolo d’oro

From 2 to 8 September 2013 in Chiuro (Sondrio)
A great wine event in Valtellina: from 2 to 8 September Chiuro also hosts this year, “The bunch of gold” The autumn food and wine in Valtellina begins in Chiuro, in the heart of large terraced area where they are located prominent wineries and the wine is celebrated thanks to the “Golden Grape”.


Shows, guided tours, tastings, exhibitions, conferences and culinary walks between the villages and vineyards. Two weekends ideal not only to learn about Chiuro and its surroundings, but to combine a visit to Sondrio, the capital, with its Museum of History and Art, or to find Castel Grumello in Montagna in Valtellina (well protected by the ISP) from which it takes also the name of one of the DOCG of the valley.


Continuing we reach the village of Ponte in Valtellina with its beautiful old town. The scenic route continues towards Teglio and down to Tirano. On the opposite side of the mountain than Chiuro the Val d’Arigna is the historic capital of the pezzotti, the colorful rugs typical of the Valtellina.

Water Marathon

Sunday, September 22, 2013 in Iseo (Brescia)
Emotions and sensations coming: the province of Brescia hosts, Sunday, Sept. 22, the Marathon of Water: a sporting event individual and couples on what the organization calls “The 42.195 km Italy’s most beautiful.”
Prizes will be awarded all of the company from outside the region with a minimum of 15 members including marathon and marathon in individual pairs (prizes in kind). Prizes will be awarded also the first company 5 with the greatest number of members (prizes in kind).
In addition, all companies will be gifted of a free membership every 10 participants in the Marathon individual (not combined with the marathon in pairs) and a free membership every 10 bookings in pairs.